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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does my employer have to pay for time off of work?

Not necessarily. It depends on your company’s policy - some do, some don’t. There is no law requiring employers to pay their employees when they are off for jury duty. You should check with your company to find out what their policy is.

Does my employer have to let me off work for jury duty?

Missouri Revised Statute 494.460 states – Employers Prohibited from Disciplining Employees because of Jury Duty, Action for Damages, Attorney Fees -

1.An employer shall not terminate, discipline, threaten or take adverse actions against an employee on account of that employee’s receipt of or response to a jury summons.

2.An employee discharged in violation of this section may bring civil action against his employer within ninety days of discharge for recovery of lost wages and other damages caused by the violation and for an order directing reinstatement of the employee. If he prevails, the employee shall be entitled to receive a reasonable attorney’s fee.

Is there an age limit?

The only age limit is that you must be twenty-one years of age to serve. There is no upper age limit to perform your civic duty.

How many days of service are required?

The average case in St. Louis County is 2 1/2 days. If you are selected to serve, you will stay until that case is finished. If you are called to begin service on a Monday or Wednesday, and you are not selected by the end of the second day of service, you will be dismissed. If you are called to begin service on a Tuesday, you are usually required to serve 3 days. Occasionally, the jurors are dismissed after 1 day if the jury supervisor finds that all the courts have disposed of their cases and there will no longer be a need for any jurors. As you can see, it is hard to say exactly how many days will be required, but we ask that you plan on being present for at least 2 days.

Do you have to be a resident of St. Louis County?

Yes, state statute requires that you reside in the county that you serve. If you are not a resident of St. Louis County, please return your summons with your proper address and ask the judge to release you from jury service.

Do you have to be a registered voter?

No, you do not have to be registered to vote to be selected for jury duty.

Can I volunteer for jury duty?

No. State statute requires that jurors are selected by a random draw.

What is the jury office mailing address, telephone number and fax number?

Mailing Address:

St. Louis County Courthouse
Attn: Jury Room, Street Level
105 South Central Avenue
Clayton, MO 63105

Telephone number for information: 314-615-2669
Fax number: 314-615-7650